Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 is going to be a big HUGE year for us!!! So we’ve decided to start a blog to share OUR life with our friends and family. Especially now that we’re both down in Arizona and the majority of our families are in Utah. I (Brittany) will be the primary “blogger” for this page with Tracy pinch hitting some of the time ;)

So a little background on us… We met and started dating in November 2008. It’s been an amazing adventure and now we are planning on getting MARRIED in August! (see I promised this year would be HUGE) We’ve also created THIS wedding website if you want to check it out. Remember, it’s still a work in progress…

We just moved into our FIRST apartment about a month ago and we love it! It has one bedroom, one bathroom, GREAT layout, full size washer/dryer, love the kitchen, close to work, AWESOME fitness center (which we actually go to!) It was just everything we wanted!! We will post pictures once we get a little more settled…

Tracy has been filling in at Main Street Real Estate Advisors as a Maintenance Engineer. STRIKE THAT!! Since writing this Tracy has been offered a FULL TIME position at Main Street. With benefits!!!! Wahoooooo!! He is also working for American Valet, temporarily (and maybe permanently... fingers crossed!) So far he has worked at the Phoenix Suns games and at the Phoenix Open. He loves it! Plus he looks so cute in his uniforms! (You know what they say about a man in uniform…)

obviously Tracy loves getting his picture taken.....

I’m working for Main Street Real Estate Advisors as an Administrative Assistant. I’m splitting my time between the Scottsdale Waterfront and Centerpoint on Mill in Tempe. However in the next few months I may be permanently shifting over to Centerpoint full time.

Drum roll please…………



So this means hopefully some more opportunities in establishing my career. We’ll see where this takes me! I’m optimistic :)
My Dad is so sweet; he came into my office that afternoon and brought me a plant with a “Congratulations” balloon and a frame for my license.

Tracy got a car! It’s a red Dodge Neon SXT, It’s been a great car for running around and getting to and from work. It’s manual transmission (which Tracy wanted) so it’s great on gas, and now maybe I’ll learn how to drive a stick shift! Maybe… No promises.. I love my automatic SUV gas GUZZLER.. haaa,,

Yup, HUGE!! We are so excited for this year and for the rest of our lives together! And we’re glad to share it with you!


  1. Love it! So glad you guys started a blog so I can keep tabs on you two lovebirds! Looks like things have been busy. Congrats to both of you on all your exciting changes!! xoxo jen

  2. Excuse my "olddashionedness", but if you are already living together, why not go ahead an get married now?? What's the point in a big wedding later? Sorry, Honey, but I just don't get it.. You probably figured I wouldn't! lol

  3. Omg I love you both!!! I still remember Brittany first mentioning Tracy! Time goes by so fast!!!