Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ornament Christmas Tree

I've been crafting like crazy this holiday season, my latest craft is an ornament Christmas tree. Totally easy (seems to be a trend with the crafts I make...) and inexpensive, bonus!

What you'll need:
Foam Cone - I got mine at joanns in the floral section, I think it was around $5
A few packs of Christmas ornaments - I got two different sizes, I think I used about 2.5 packs of each size, The ornament packs were from the dollar store
Gold Star - Also from the dollar store
Hot glue gun - on hand

I always forget to take pictures before I start these projects but here is one during and the finished product

Pretty much I just shoved the top of the ornament into the cone and hot glued it in. I did one row at a time and made sure the ornaments fit well around the cone before I glued them in.

The green of the cone shows up a lot more in the photos than in real life...

Project total: about $12

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