Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i love cooking, really, i do

Sometimes it can be hard to find balance. Working full time, trying to be a good wife and staying healthy take a lot out of me. Some nights I’d rather just eat popcorn and veg out than cook a meal. Some days when I’m really feeling motivated I make a menu for the week. Unfortunately my motivation wears off as the day does and I end up eating canned carrots for dinner. Luckily Tracy is pretty good at fending for himself, but I feel bad like I’m neglecting one of my roles as a wife. So to get myself out of this funk, I made stir fry last night, one of my new favs, totally easy and so good. It takes a lot of prep time but fresh cut veggies are definitely worth it. 

Voila! Stir fry! (We use Quorn chicken cutlets from Whole Foods instead of real chicken; it’s made from fungi like mushrooms)

and here's a little peek of our apartment

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